Warranties Remedies and Related Peccadilloes

Steps to Successful Contract Negotiation

What do you promise when you sell something? What rights might you give up when you buy? And who pays when things go wrong? 

By Steven Kelley and David Allgeyer


Purchases move fast in an electronically connected world, often without contracts or any other negotiated agreements. That’s fine when the buyer is happy, but can cause confusion and arguments when the buyer finds its purchase less than satisfactory. In that case, does the seller have to offer a refund? Is it also responsible for lost sales, personal injury or claims of infringement?

As is common in the legal world, the answers vary with the particulars of the case. Outcomes often depend on the agreements that the parties . . .

To read the entire article from the ACC Docket, click here or paste into your browser:

Click to access Warranties,%20Remedies%20and%20Related%20Peccadilloes%20-%20Steps%20to%20Successful%20Contract%20Negotiati.pdf

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